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Parties and Events in the French Riviera, Venues for Hire

Find venues for hire in the stunning French Riviera. Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony, a corporate event for the upcoming holidays, or planning a new product launch, you’re sure to find incredible venues you can reserve in the French Riviera. From the Monaco Grand Prix to the Cannes Film Festival and the Nice Jazz Festival, the French Riviera is full of exciting events and fantastic venues perfect for your next event.

The venues in the French riviera vary greatly, so the possibilities are endless when planning your special event. Not to mention, the French Riviera offers a stunning backdrop to photos given its sunny beaches, pristine ocean water and palm tree covered villas.

Check out venues for hire around Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez and all around the French Rivera. They’ll be sure to bring unforgettable moments for your big day, birthday party, or private event. Discover French Riviera Parties and Events to help plan your perfect event, find the perfect venue, and create lasting memories.

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French Riviera Parties and Events can help you find the perfect venue for your event that’s tailored to your needs. Why go through us to hire venues and coordinate your event location? Using a professional company for your event needs will guarantee the best price and largest quantity of quality options for you.

The French Riviera is known for its luxury locations and caters to extravagant tastes, with companies like French Riviera Parties, you can be sure to land one of these highly sought out locations with access to our contacts and connections.

Finding the perfect venue for your event takes time and energy. Leave it to French Riviera Parties and Events to be sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for without all the hassle. Whatever the needs of your event may be, whether a private party, bachelorette or bachelor party, the big day itself, or a fundraiser, we will help walk you through every detail in finding your perfect venue and organizing the exact event that you desire.

This means that we can handle not just the event venue itself, but also the décor, food and drinks, live music or DJs, technical assessments and conceptualizing ideas for activities and entertainment, all while working within your given budget and needs.

Find Venues to Hire and Get to Know: Monaco

Monaco is one of the most expensive and wealthiest global destinations. More expensive than Dubai yet smaller than Central Park in New York City, Monaco is a spectacle within itself and often nicknamed “the Billionaires Playground”.  This comes to no surprise as the destination is home to over 12,000 millionaires in just a few kilometers.

Monaco’s wealth is quite impressive, the housing market is significantly higher than that of New York City and Hong Kong, two of the most expensive housing markets in the world. This gives you some insight into just how extravagant their venues and event spaces can be.

The most well-known events in Monaco include the annual Monaco Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show. The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One race, meaning it includes only the highest class of international, single seater racing cars.  This race, beginning in 1929 has become of the most well-known and prestigious races in the world, bringing in tourists and fans alike from all over the world to participate in a spectacle of wealth, superiority and glamour.

The Monaco Yacht Show is one of Europe’s largest display of yachts, focusing on luxury yachts that are over 20 meters (66 feet) long. The trade show features thousands of different yachts and are chartered from $250,000 per week to $1 million per week. 

Monaco venues serve true luxury experience with a touch of royal treatment. French Riviera Parties and Events will help you make your magical event, birthday party, corporate event, wedding ceremony, or yacht party into something truly special.

Find Venues to Hire and Get to Know: Cannes

Cannes is most well-known for its film festival which you may have already heard of if you’re an avid view of the popular series Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent). If so, you may feel as though you’ve already been there. Cannes is also home to the International Fireworks Festival, a month-long spectacle and global competition focused on creatively lighting up the skies.

Situated among the gorgeous French Mediterranean Coast, it is little wonder that many individuals, along with the Empress of Russia, began to purchase winter homes in this region of the French Riviera, growing much of the region into second homes and resorts.

The city of Cannes has been through several cycles of life, as history books date back its origins to 42 BC, and the city had significant roles during the world wars.

The stunning beaches in Cannes drew in people from all over the world, now there are only 13 public beaches, two town beaches, yet 33 private beaches. It’s no small feat that Cannes has earned the recognition and high praise that it has to this day.

The Cannes International Film Festival. One of the most important film festivals in the world. Drawing in over 200,000 actors, directors, producers, agents as well as some lucky fans, the film festival is an A-List event for industry professionals and press.

Beginning in 1946, after its original opening day was postponed due to the war, the Cannes International Film Festival has become one of the most widely publicized and most important film festivals in the world.

The venues in Cannes are without a doubt going to match its celebrity vibe and Beverly Hills like persona. Whether it’s a rooftop cocktail hour overlooking the ocean, a tranquil private dining experience by the coast, or partying like royalty in castle-like villas, Cannes venues for hire will certainly give you the experience of a lifetime.

Contact French Riviera Parties today to get in touch with incredible venues and event experiences in Cannes.

Find Venues to Hire and Get to Know: Nice

Nice has always been a prime tourist destination. Archaeologists discovered that even 400,000 years ago, cave-dwellers made their way to Nice to hunt woolly mammoths.

The cities characteristic rocky beaches were actually caused by river stones that have washed down to the line of the shore. For some the stones are a welcome break from the regular sand of beaches, and to others an uncomfortable change to get used to.

Nice is rich with history from its Italian roots and influence, to, of course, its charismatic French flair. Nice wasn’t always such a vibrant and wealthy city either, after the world wars it was left in a dark period of poverty and struggle, but was managed to be revitalized by the city’s mayor in the 70’s and 80’s.

Now, Nice is one of the most famous cities in France, and even possibly the world, with an incredible climate year-round, and a stunning coastline guarded by mountains, making it a beautiful destination for some mesmerizing events, like the Nice Carnival, The Nice Jazz Festival, and Ironman Nice.

The Nice Carnival takes place every year in February and is actually one of the major carnival events, and the most famous in France. For two straight weeks the city is lit up in festivities, drawing thousands of spectators from all over the world to see the event. The earliest records of Nice’s Carnival date all the way back to 1294. A truly cultural event.

The venues in Nice range from quiet villas overlooking the ocean to lively cabanas and pristine yachts. Whatever your event, whether it’s a wedding venue, birthday party, private dining experience, product launch or corporate event, you’re sure to find something spectacular with the help of French Rivera Parties and Events helping you along the way.

Find Venues to Hire and Get to Know: Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is known for its intimate relationship and affiliation with the finer things in life. Like much of the French Riviera, it’s a space for decadence and wealth. It’s a second home to several different big shot American celebrities such as Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The town itself is a major tourist destination. With only a few thousand residents, its population raises exponentially in the summer months with several million temporary inhabitants. A place where wealthy individuals, celebrities, or other come to enjoy the sunshine, quality beaches, and gorgeous wine tasting vineyards.

The city wasn’t always a luxury location, but a modest fishing village at its roots. Occupied by several different countries including Spain and Turkey, Saint Tropez had a complicated past before it came one of the worlds secret wonders.

Saint Tropez is more of a private city and getaway location, but they still have some major events that take place such along with several yacht sailing competitions, like Voiles d’Automne, and Les Nuits du Chateau de la Moutte, a festival of classical and jazz concerts that take place in a castle. There is also an international golf competition that takes place bringing in people from all over the world.

To no surprise does Saint Tropez have such high-end events. Its location in the French Riviera has truly become a destination within itself. When it comes to venues in Saint Tropez you can be sure to find something of luxury status.

There are classic castle-like spaces to stunning modern beach villas that are available to rent either for your wedding, special event, birthday party, weekend getaway and more. The venues for hire in Saint Tropez are brimming with high-end, luxury experiences that you will be certain to enjoy.

With the help of French Riviera Parties and Events at your side, you are sure to book a fantastic experience and event, no matter what. Hire venues for your event today and contact French Riviera Parties and Events to get in touch with the best that Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, and the French Riviera has to offer.