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Are you planning a bachelorette party on the French Riviera and looking for great locations, activities, and agencies that can help you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Before the wedding comes the Bachelorette Party and it should be at least as unforgettable, don’t you think? So why not plan a trip to the French Riviera and give your friend a proper goodbye to her single life?

Plan an unforgettable trip to the sea. Lay on the beach in the morning and let it get wild in the evening. Go through the bars and clubs and make your evening unforgettable.

Bachelorette Party at the French Riviera

No matter if you wanna celebrate in Nice, Monaco, Cannes, or Saint Tropez. Each city has its one charm and could be perfect for your friend’s Bachelorette Party.

If you like it more down to earth and more casually, then we would recommend you Nice. Here you can join Bar Crawls and visit chill Bars and cool clubs.

In case you like it fancy and it’s okay for you to spend a little bit more money, then either Monaco, Cannes or Saint Tropez is a great fit for your party. Celebrate in High-End Bars and Clubs and enjoy the high society life for one night.

No matter what you are up to Find here great activities and great locations where you can celebrate your bachelorette party with your friends. Do a bar crawl or visit different clubs.

During the day you can relax on the beach or try out water sports. But maybe you want to continue your partying and go out on a party boat.

If you prefer to leave the planning to the professionals, you will also find countless agencies that will help you with your planning and make your friend’s day unforgettable.

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