French Riviera Parties

About Us

Our Vision: 

To create inspiring events that promote the joy of living, with teams determined to ensure the success and satisfaction of every client.


– Producing innovative and creative shows and events

– Creating exceptional experiences based on entertainment, leisure and well-being

– Recruitment and management of event staff

– Support and management for event coordination

– Planning business trips

– Providing a personalised, top-of-the-range concierge service

– Equipment rental for events

– Selection of prestigious venues for events 



1) Stimulating the joy of life: fostering happiness and cultivating fulfilment by designing events that spark joy.

2) Operational Excellence: Constantly seeking ways to optimise internal processes to ensure effective and efficient event execution.

3) Personalised service: We believe in the power of personalisation. Every customer is unique, and we are committed to understanding and meeting their individual needs. Our teams are trained to create lasting relationships based on trust and attention to detail.

4) Exclusive Experiences: Exclusivity is at the heart of our approach. We offer our customers exclusive experiences, privileged access to exceptional events. We strive to exceed expectations by creating unique moments that will live long in the memory.

5) Exceptional quality: quality is a fundamental requirement. We are committed to offering services of exceptional quality and a constant quest for excellence.

6) Discipline: Discipline, in other words respect for the rules, is an important value if you want to excel in your work! It is essential to the practice of a professional activity. It involves listening, respecting the rules and respecting managers and the team.

7) Working with Quality Partners: Working closely with trusted suppliers and partners to guarantee the quality and smooth running of each event.

8) Passion and determination: Passion is what drives us because we love what we do, and determination to achieve our goals because we know there is always a solution.

9) Discretion and Confidentiality: Respect for privacy is essential. We treat our customers’ information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, creating an environment where privacy is sacred.


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