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We are a passionate team of experienced project managers, based in Paris and Nice, with a love for art, creativity and a good classical taste. We are perfectionists, details oriented and when it comes to our work, we focus on one goal: to make your dream event comes true!

Creating a successful event requires excellent management skills, strategic thinking and an experience. Whether it is a luxury wedding or a high-style corporate convention, executing your party ideas is all about programming, budgeting and problem solving.

We are there to advice you throughout every stage of your project management. Our team of seasoned professionals understands that the delivery of creative concepts is only as good as the disciplined approach of the group supporting them. We believe that there is a supreme connection between the mastery of logistics and the creation of a perfect event.

Our projects are completely customized and reflecting the brand and or personality of each client. Whether we act for a family, a company, a product, our work embraces experiences that integrate innovative design with the finest in wine and cocktails, dining, music, entertainment and, most important of all, that intangible element of French Riviera flair.

We bring our skill and the excitement of the Cote d’Azur to your event, every time. At a glance, this is what we can do. Choose all or simply cherry-pick, we are flexible.

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