Female Stripper in French Riviera

Your Female Strippers in Côte d'Azur France, Cannes, Monaco, Nice ,Saint-Tropez

Strippers and dancers in the French Riviera!

We offer the most luxurious striptease shows in Nice, Cannes, Monaco Monte-Carlo, Saint Tropez. If you are looking for a memorable hot experience during your stay, so our female strippers and dancers are the best option for you. We offer a large selection of strippers, pole dancers, and entertainers for your bachelor parties, birthdays and other occasions. Go Aegean and book your female stripper show with French Riviera Parties.

Stripper and Dancer Options:

*See service packages below

Female Stripper Packages:  


*Price dependent on required services
  • Choice of quantity and costume/style
  • Party or public venue
  • Personalization to event and client needs

Female Dancer Packages:


*Price dependent on required services
  • Choice of quantity and costume/style
  • Party party or public venue
  • Personalization to event and client need

Get the party started with high quality strippers:

Are you looking for HOT female strippers for your bachelor parties or other events on the French Riviera?

French Riviera Parties offers a large range of the sexiest strippers and dancers to choose from. Our hot artists are able to make your parties unforgettable and life changing. can supply sexy male strippers from the French Riviera. We offer this entertainment no matter your event type.

Party hard on the French Riviera

Make sure to book your female stripper in advance in order to benefit from an unforgettable night out in French Riviera.

Our female strippers and dancers can move easily in French Riviera according to your localization. They perform in trendy cities as Nice, Cannes, Monaco Monte-Carlo, Saint-Tropez.


Price Includes : Stripper Services 12 Minutes Show + After show 15 minutes to take pictures + Travel expenses

ferle stripper in French Riviera


How long will the stripper’s performance last?

Normally, the show lasts between 12 and 15 minutes. Then, our entertainers will take photos and spend quality time with you and your guests during 15 minutes.

Can we choose the stripper’s costume?

Remember that our strippers provide their own costumes and the costume is already included In the price. Don’t hesitate to contact us in advance if you want to customize the costume.

When and Where?

Our entertainers can easily move within French Riviera. They can perform in trendy bars or at your accommodation. The most popular destinations are Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez. You will be asked to give us your preferred address and time during the online booking process.

How much hiring a stripper costs in general?

Nice: 300€
Monaco: 300€
Cannes: 300€
Saint Tropez: 400€

The cost includes a hot and professional female stripper who will be performing for about 12 minutes. 

She will also spend 15 Minutes after the show to take photos and communicate with you.

How can I book a striptease show?

The booking process is completely automized and is done online through a secured payment process. We would like to inform you that the payment is done in 2 steps. First, you will pay a 50% deposit through our website. The rest of the money should be directly paid to our entertainer onsite in cash before/after the show.