Baby Shower

Baby showers in the French Riviera!

Plan your baby shower in the French Riviera. Imagine: the beach, sun, balloons fluttering in the wind and you, laughing while drinking fresh lemonade and opening your Baby Shower presents. Sounds dreamy? It could really be you!

Traditionally, Baby Showers were celebrated in the United States to cherish the expected birth of a child. According to Wikipedia, the name comes from a 19th century custom where presents for mom-to-be were placed inside a parasol, so she would be ‘showered’ with gifts.

In popular culture, Baby Shower was represented by iconic American series such as Friends and Sex and the City. All fans remember pregnant Rachel terrified by a breast-pump she didn’t know what to do with. However, Baby Shower can be stress-free and enjoyable experience, especially if managed by sensible and experienced event planner.

The best period for Baby Shower is sometimes between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, so the future mom is not too tired. Though traditionally Baby Shower was just for women, nowadays men often play a large role. Baby Shower’s should be seen as an excuse for a great party, with no alcohol obviously, but perfect decoration with a sweets table, cup cakes, candy bars and whatever else the family desires. 

Baby Shower Package

From 850€ (+VAT)

We propose you a fabulous baby shower at the most spectacular venues in the French Riviera and Monaco.

Whenever you are looking to host this beautiful celebration we are here to assist you.

Our planners are experienced project managers who will deliver you a service that goes beyond their wildest expectations. 


  • Conceptualization of the project
  • Venue Search
  • Coordination with venue management
  • Selection of service providers (catering, DJ, artists, transport, animator, photograph)
  • Decoration design (balloons, flowers – all personalized)
  • Cakes and sweets design
  • Logistic & Coordination
  • Advice and budget management

Get ready for your beautiful baby shower!

While planning your Baby Shower, we should first consider what the mom-to-be would love. What colors she likes and which flowers would make her happy? Would she enjoy baby-decoration or she prefers a well styled brunch. Remember, most Baby Showers are held before the birth, so the future mom gets some much-needed emotional support. And important, do not overwhelm her with baby drama, she is probably already dealing with a lot of stress.

Baby Shower’s in the French Riviera could be a fabulous experience before her life changes dramatically. Golden sun, palm trees promenade, sunset beach walks and friendship. French Riviera offers a great variety of places to plan your Baby Shower and will surely meet the most unique expectations.