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Hosts and Hostesses in the French Riviera!

Hire high-end hosts and hostesses in the French Riviera.

To organize a great event, it’s important to not only make sure everything is well coordinated, but to make sure that your guests feel comfortable and entertained. To put it plainly, you need someone to help create a good atmosphere, and this is where an event host & hostess can bring quality to the table.

Host/Hostess Options:

*See service packages below


*Price dependent on required services
Welcome guests with friendly faces, take reservations and ensure event runs smoothly. Event hosts & hostesses are essential to the organization of an event.


  • Choice of quantity needed relative to space/number of guests
  • Integration of style or theme of event 
  • Venue selection and decoration, if needed
  • Personalization of needs

Service Packages

From 200€ (+VAT)
  • Choice of three service providers
  • Communication with service provider
  • Coordination between client and service provider
  • Intervention in case of problems
  • Staffing

Service Provider Package Options: 

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Photographers
  • Hairdressers/Stylists
  • Light/Sound Technicians
  • Artists & Performers
  • DJ’s/Musicians
  • Children’s Entertainment
  • Stylists/Decorators
  • MC’s

Hosts register guests, answer questions, and present speeches in certain occasions. Throughout the event, they engage and interact frequently with guests to create a warm environment. This can be demanding, as hosts need to remain polite and outgoing throughout the whole event. Therefore, being a good host & hostess requires a quite diverse combination of skills.

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