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Butlerette in the Buff service in Paris, France

Discover the Butlerette in the Buff Paris Experience. Our specialty is to provide entertainment during sophisticated corporate and private events. Our hostesses are real professionals and know exactly how to entertain your hosts during the event. We carefully select each of our butlerettes to ensure that they are enough qualified and comply with the event requirements.
We can tailor the outfit of our butlerettes according to the theme of your party. But, you should send us your request in advance.

Butlerette in the Buff services : 

Prices Butlerette in the buff :
  • Paris and surroundings: starting from 400€ per hour 
**Important note**
The first part of the indicated rate should be paid online. The second part should be directly paid in cash to the artist during the performance. Thank you.
Please note, that we accept last minute bookings (event on the same date). An additional fee of 150 Euros will be required. 
Please, send us an email at for a last-minute booking.

Price Includes :

    • Butlerette in the buff
    • Sexy dance
Price does not include :
  • Alcohol (you should buy the alcohol by yourself)

What does the butlerette in the buff service mean and why is this the perfect entertainment for you?

Hosting sexy female servers has become a new trend in English-speaking countries. The trends wants the women to be well-dressed, serve alcohol and snacks to the guests and entertain them with games and sexy dance.

What does a butlerETTE in the buff do?

Even if we mainly think about the “sexy” side with this job title, it should be understood that the buff butler is also, and above all, an event host (almost) like any other.
You should know that besides the sexy character of this role, the butlerette in the buff is first and foremost a professional hostesses. 
She intervenes during private events as birthday parties, hen and stag parties, beach parties to entertain and animate the event. She has sufficient work experience to suggest any kind of animation, may it be games, dances, etc.
All our butlerettes in the buff have fantastic characters, are good-looking and charming. 
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