Birthday Celebration

Birthday parties and celebrations on the French Riviera!

It’s human nature to enjoy life and to have fun in every means possible. And when we try to have fun, what do we do? Throw a party of course! We love to celebrate, and therefore turn every celebration into a party. A party is where people socialize and celebrate, with food and drinks, as well as music and dances. So, if that’s the case, no wonder people love partying!

Parties are everywhere, and most everyone has experienced a party at some point in their life. For example, the most common is to celebrate birthdays, so pretty much everyone has had at least one birthday party. Some parties can be really simple to organize, like a dinner party.

As society develops, so does the form of parties. A cocktail party is a good example, since cocktail parties have a shorter history. But this type of party often has a certain dress code, cocktail dresses and suits.

A similar example is Halloween parties,  also a relatively new invention requiring costumes. But for many parties, it’s much easier to get together and go out to a club full of young people, buy some liquor, and find yourself in the center of the dance party!

There are so many parties in the world, and there will surely be more. So what really matters here, is to make people sure choose the right party for what they’re looking for. So how do you choose the right one?

Here at French Riviera Parties, that’s exactly what we are going to help you with. 

Birthday Celebration Package

From 850€ (+VAT)

We propose you a fabulous party package at the most spectacular venues in the French Riviera and Monaco.

Whenever you are looking to host your birthday or celebrate a millstone, we are here to assist you.

Our planners are experienced project managers who will deliver you a service that goes beyond your wildest expectations


  • Conceptualization of the project
  • Venue Search
  • Coordination with venue management
  • Selection of service providers (catering, DJ, artists, transport, animator, photograph)
  • Decoration design (balloons, flowers – all personalized)
  • Cakes and sweets design
  • Logistic & Coordination
  • Advice and budget management

Need Inspiration? 

Are you looking for help in planning your birthday on the French Riviera? In that case, you have come to the right place. Certainly, here at French Riviera Parties, we know how to celebrate superb parties. Get ready in style with our exclusive Party Planning service on the French Riviera. Live it up in the best locations in the beautiful Côte d’Azur.

Whether you want a once in a lifetime experience in Antibes, a party under palm trees in Cannes, to celebrate in the exclusive Monaco Monte Carlo region, sip your champagne in Mougins, ride in a fancy limousine in Nice or enjoy your birthday in elegant an Saint Tropez Mansion. Nothing is too outrageous. No matter where – we will  make your special day a memorable one.

In order to have the best time of your lives, French Riviera Parties will plan every detail of your birthday or celebratory event so you and your loved ones celebrate the good life.

In addition, we know the newest and hottest spots for your best clubbing experience. Dance through an exceptional night with the best live DJ’s on your side. Above all, celebrate the good life in style at French Riviera Parties.

Altogether, we have been planning parties for more than five years. Thus, with our outstanding service and credible experience, we will make sure you have an unforgettable adventure.
Your guests will be guaranteed an extraordinary Birthday-bash, no matter the budget.

Great birthdays start now with French Riviera Parties! Don’t let your special day slip by emptily. Make your year count.

Contact us with us today and get premium services and perks. 

Celebrations in the French Riviera 

From birthdays, to any genre of party or celebration!

The French Riviera is one of the hottest locations to host a Party and thats why there are plenty of Luxury Party Planners around the coast. Due to the beautiful weather, the great cities, and the varied nightlife, many guests decide to celebrate here. 

Top Party Planners in the French Riviera

Both event planners and party planners host luxurious celebrations at destinations for clients around the world.

From bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, and corporate functions, there is literally no end to the talents of the amazing party and event planners. But with French Riviera Parties and events, you’re sure to receive the best.

Covering Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Monaco, and more; these luxury party planners know all the right places, from well-known hot spots to hidden gems.

Planning Private Events with Style

Whether it is a corporate party planning service or a private celebration event, luxury party planners on the Côte d’Azur are arranging events that ooze with style and offer a distinctive level of sophistication and class.

The French Riviera has so many amazing bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. There are limitless opportunities for tourists to enjoy everything that is on offer. If you’re looking to make an impact with an event that will leave a lasting impression with your guests, then you need to use one of the outstanding companies who offer their luxury party planning service here. They can work with as little or as much information as you have available, and have extensive knowledge, experience, and flair when it comes to delivering celebration events of all sizes and for any occasion.