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Wow. This seems like the most appropriate way to start this post. Bâoli is only open on a Friday and Saturday, but when they are open, what an exceptional place this is. There are enough Glamour and exclusivity here to sink a superyacht. This is a truly majestic place that offers those who have come to the French Riviera to Party, a true taste of the glitz and glamour this region is famous for.

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Bar, Club, and Restaurant

Bâoli is the epitome of Luxury, located in the heart of Port Canto; there is no other place quite like this in the whole of the French Riviera. This paradisal location opens its doors at 8pm and welcomes guests into what can only be described as a tropical paradise, set amongst tropical palm trees that boasts incredible lighting that really illuminates the best features and helps this venue truly show off its assets.

The food served at Bâoli is a blend of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. If you think you have tried the best, then you absolutely need to sample some of the dishes here. What they do with ordinary food is simply extraordinary. Bâoli is well-known for its exclusive and extensive drinks menu. Whether you want to celebrate in style with a Grands Crus champagne or sip on one of their signature cocktails, you will find everything here is of supreme standards and the professional team of staff really know to serve their drinks in style.

When the clock strikes midnight, the restaurant is transformed into a clubbers paradise. International clientele, VIP areas, and bookable private spaces are all available to those looking for something a little bit special. The magic of Bâoli lures some of the most elite partygoers from all corners of the globe.

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Do it in style when you come to Bâoli.

Don’t miss out on this experience and make sure you plan to spend a Friday or Saturday close by, so you can soak up the atmosphere of this alluring venue for yourself.


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