How to Advertise an Event?

Advertising your Events

Advertising is the key to any successful business. It can help even the smallest of enterprises grow into a household name. Which is why its so important to know how to market your brand and broadcast it in a way that will reach as many potential customers as possible. But in saying that, trying to advertise an event is a lot easier said than done.


So what are the best tips and tricks when it comes to advertising your events and company? Well, we’re about to find out!


Determining your Audience

First things first, you of course need to determine who exactly you’re advertising your event for. What are the social demographics? The social class? The professions range? And so on and so forth. Once you’ve identified this, then you can start thinking more on how you plan to advertise.


Selecting your Platforms

how to advertise an event

Social media is by far one of the most powerful platforms of our generation. It encompasses our entire way of life. So making use of it to advertise an event is a sure fire way to reach as many people as possible. However, you do need to be sure that you’re investing your time and money in the right platforms.



The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, are some of the most widely used media channels. By making use of these, you’re sure to reach more people than you would via some of the more conventional methods such as newspapers, tv advertisements, or flyers. What’s more, the use of social media is free and super easy to use. So it won’t be costing you any money or effort.

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French Riviera Parties

And speaking of online platforms, we have to mention French Riviera Parties. Through our online channel, we offer service providers a place to advertise an event. Providing three fantastic bundles, select whichever option works best for you.


From there you can get started with your profile! Tell clients all about what it is exactly that you offer. Add images and videos from past events you’ve hosted. Even link your website and social media accounts. Advertising your event to a large-scale audience has never been easier.


Once you’ve submitted your application, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the booking requests to come flooding in!



It may seem like something so simple, however, people really underestimate the power of using hastags. If your event or company don’t already have one, then make one! And use it at every possible chance you get. Along with related hastags of course.



If possible, consider collaborating with other pages or influencers. It’s a great way to promote and advertise an event to people who may not necessarily ever have come across your account. Plus, other accounts are usually more than happy for that little bit of extra exposure so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find someone to partner with.


Ticket Deals and Competitions

how to advertise an event

We’re all a sucker for some great discounts. Which is why it can be a great incentive to get people invested in your events! Consider hosting photo contests on Instagram or Facebook for people to be in with the chance to win free tickets to your event. Not only will this encourage people to interact with your account and become potential client, its also a way to reach even more people! Nothing gets a company more exposure than word of mouth.

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Also on the topic of tickets, add discounted prices for certain bundles. For example, early bird specials, group tickets, VIP tickets, etc. And of course, make sure you ticket host website is easy to buy from and navigate.


Real Photos and Reviews

One thing you want your advertising campaign to be, is real. You don’t want to use stock photos and perfect yet impersonal reviews. You want you future clients to be able to trust you and the services you provide.


So don’t be afraid to use original content. Document all the fun you and your guests had from past events. Ask participants to leave honest reviews and include them on your official websites. It’s the smallest things which can really help your advertising game thrive.


Invest in SEO

For anyone who hasn’t heard of SEO, it is an online tool which allows you to identify key search words and phrases that will allow you to maximise the discoverability of your event on Google search. Yes, the tool may not be free. But it’s well worth the money. In fact, it’s expected that the use of SEO can help boost ticket sales and visibility by up to 10%!


Going Forward

While these are just some of the main ways to advertise your events, there still plenty of other small little things you could do here and there. But that’s entirely up to you. Once you’ve achieve the above mentioned steps, you should be on your way to hosting one of your biggest and most spectacular events!

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