Does Nice have good nightlife?

Nice – a hotspot for tourists from all around the world, famous for its beautiful city, stunning weather and gorgeous coastline. While the various museums and galleries keep you busy during the day, the buzzing nightlife is not to be overlooked, where dozens of bars keep everyone entertained until the early hours of the morning, each with their own individual character and flavor.

The brightest and best bars centre around the Cours Saleya area, tucked in between the old town and the Promenade des Anglais.


How to meet new people on a night out in Nice?

A brilliant way to experience the nightlife is a bar crawl, offered by Riviera Bar Crawl Tours, a company that has experience in taking groups around Nice and selecting the best bars for everyone to enjoy. With shots, drink deals and early access to bars, it’s a brilliant way to enjoy the nightlife while meeting people from all over the world, equally excited to live it up by the French Riviera.

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What to do and where to find the nightlife?

A fairly new addition to the bustling nightlife, Waka Bar has quickly become one of the best across the city. It is open all day as a food venue before turning into one of the liveliest bars in the evening. With two dancefloors and a balcony that overlooks the sea, you can really let loose and embrace the spirit of the French Riviera, alongside scores of other partygoers and locals, all looking to have fun.

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Just down from Waka Bar is Akathor, a popular Norweigan bar with plenty of space to enjoy your beer. At night, it spreads out across Cours Saleya, entertaining the crowds with popular sports games on TV as well as an upstairs area with a DJ and separate bar, providing a whole different experience. Walking further, you would reach El Merkado, a tapas bar with excellent ambient music and the best sangria in the city. Relaxed and chatty, it’s a nice, intimate place to enjoy the evening.

Hidden around the old town are plenty of smaller bars with local colour, where the people of Nice go out to have fun. A bar come club, Trafalbar is a burst of energy on a night out, with bright music and energetic crowds. Deeper into the old town is Bella Ciao, a small but cheerful bar with a wide selection of pastis, a drink particularly enjoyed in the south of France.

For those on the hunt for live music, Shapko is a fun bar in the old town which welcomes jazz and blues groups every night. Chilled out and relaxed, it’s a wonderful place to kick back and enjoy local live bands making music from the ground floor or the balcony.

If you are more of a pub type of person, there are some excellent options around the old town. Nice has its fair share of fun Irish pubs, from The Snug to O’Neills, which welcome people from all over the world in a relaxed, cosy environment. If you are feeling a little more energetic, Wayne’s would be suited to you, as the atmosphere is livelier and more bustling, as people regularly jump up onto the tables at the end of the night and dance it all away.

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Lots of bars start to wind down at around 2 in the morning, but to keep the party alive there are several clubs around the city for those who want to party until the sun comes up. The most famous club in Nice is High Club, a vibrant venue which draws in DJs from around the world, such as Avicii and Steve Aoki. With multiple dance floors to satisfy all tastes, including the beloved Studio 47 disco floor, this club is the perfect way to end a sensational night out.

If you fancy something to eat before you call it a night, Blue Whales is the place for you, open well into the early morning, serving chips and burgers to all customers who want a bite to eat after partying at the beach. Found in the old town, it’s a lovely place to have some food before heading home and starting again the next day.


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