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Event Management in France, Italy and Spain

Most of us think that we can do event planning by ourselves. It seems rather easy, right? Good idea comes first and the rest will naturally follow. Finally, how difficult can it be to make some bookings, and find a venue?

The true is that every event should be considered as a project and therefore project management tools should be used to implement it. Creating a successful event requires excellent management skills, strategic thinking and an experience. The process of event management consumes lots of energy hence event manager should be a resource person, solution oriented and has an ability to prevent and manage crisis situations. Management particularly of large scale events or corporate events is also about mapping, budgeting and scheduling; obtaining necessary permits, searching and managing service providers, event security and emergency planning.

While we can manage certain aspects of an event by ourselves, it is always more safe to have an experience project manager who takes responsibility for technical and logistical elements. It is important that event manager is open minded and creative individual who would take necessary time to understand an essence of each event. Finally every event concept should include communication and negotiation strategies so that event manager can create network, explore social media and establish good relations with people.

Events Management Services :

We provide the Events Management Services in France, Spain, Italy

  • Interview
  • Conceptualization of project
  • Budget estimation
  • Preparation of draft schedule
  • Venue Search
  • Technical visit of the venue with service providers
  • Coordination with venue management
  • Event Design and Styling (selection of florist and decorator)
  • Selection of service provider (DJ, artists, transport, photograph, lights, music, hairdresser)
  • Accommodation booking
  • Regular meeting and discussion with clients
  • Children’s activities planning
  • Entertainment planning
  • Schedule Management
  • Invitation Management
  • Guest management
  • Budget Management
  • Overall Coordination
  • Crisis Management
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