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Let’s discuss unspecified venues.

These venues are unspecified meaning they do not already fall into one of the categories that we have provided. Therefore, unspecified means that you can add your event or venue to this list. That is to say, you can add it here if you are uncertain or unable to find the category that you would like.

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May 28
Blog template

Blog template logsriviera06 28 May 2024 TITTLE feel the night with vagha Executive Event Production Dancers & Performance Artists Celebrity Recruitment Event Conception Theme Decor Custom Invite Creation Creative Signage & Branding Tags : Unspecified Share This : LET’S JOIN WITH US Looking to plan an unforgettable event or premium service? French Riviera Parties offers […]

Jan 26
Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix: This years 79th Edition of the Monaco Grand Prix will begin on May 26th with the Formula 1 Grand Prix race happening on Sunday. It is not only the most glamourous race on the Formula 1 calendar but also the oldest, the race was first held back in 1929 and its iconic […]

Mar 31
Bars List Around The World

What is a Bar? When you are thinking of having a chilled and fun night out, where would you usually go? For most people, they would simply pick a nice bar, and just go there. Ever since human invented liquor thousands of years ago, we also realized the joy of drinking together. This is also […]

Mar 24
Wedding Planner Monaco

Why hiring a wedding planner in Monaco? Monaco is all about chic and glamour. It’s a perfect wedding place for any couple who wants to experience real extravagance. Hiring a wedding planner will make it that much easier. Having a wedding planner who gets all the elements together is a relief. Monaco is a glamorous place, but as any other wedding destination in French Riviera it has its […]

Mar 07
Wedding Planner Nice

Nice, romantic pearl at French Riviera Are you looking for an ideal place for your wedding – something chic but with a romantic touch? Nice, in the South France has it all. Gorgeous palm tree promenades, the golden sun, and beautiful beaches make perfect scenery for your wedding day. The city of Nice and its neighboring villages have been always a wedding destination. The richness of […]

Mar 07
Corporate Events Business Around The World

What is a Corporate Event? Working in a company means connecting with many people daily, both colleagues and clients. So in this case, working in a company means a bit more than just doing works. It also means socializing, and the quality of social relationships also affects the efficiency of the company. This is the […]

Feb 25
Art & Culture Business List Around The World

What is an Art & Culture Business? We all know that art is something beautiful, and it’s no surprise that some business specialize in them. These businesses are known as art and culture businesses in general. But what are they exactly? What do they actually do? Art & Culture Business can include a large variety […]

Feb 25
Artworks Around List The World

What is an Artwork? Have you ever seen the great painting Mona Lisa from Leonardo Da Vinci? Do you think that it’s a marvelous piece of artwork? Well yes, you got it right, this is indeed one of the world’s greatest piece of art work. It’s human nature to appreciate fine art, and therefore making […]

Feb 25
Musicians Around The World

What is a Musician? Music is an important part of human life, ever since the beginning of human civilization. In modern society, we can hear music everywhere, and we do enjoy them. But while we are enjoying these music, we shouldn’t forget about the musicians who created them. Without their contributions, we would not be […]

Feb 25
Art & Entertainement Venues List Around The World

What is an Art & Entertainment Venue? We enjoy watching great art performances like dances, musicals etc. But while we appreciate the opportunity of the performances, we often forget about the venue. Without the taking care of the venue, it´s impossible for the performance to be held. So to secure the quality of an art […]

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