Corporate Events Business Around The World

What is a Corporate Event?

Working in a company means connecting with many people daily, both colleagues and clients. So in this case, working in a company means a bit more than just doing works. It also means socializing, and the quality of social relationships also affects the efficiency of the company. This is the reason why many companies hold corporate events like team building, to improve cooperation within the company.

Corporate Events List Around the World

But team building is only one type of corporate events, since they include a large variety of networking events. Corporate events can center around both employees of the company, as well as clients and other potential partners. For example, trade shows are also corporate events, because it boosts a company’s reputations, as well as business connections. Another type is a board meeting, it provides an exchange opportunity among the leadership. Holiday parties are also a great extra bonus, providing employee a great reward for their hard work. Just imagine how motivated people will be, if they know a holiday is coming!


Whatever type of corporate event that is, it always requires event planning. For example, venues, registration, logistics etc. So in this sense, it requires organization from corporate event planners. This means planning companies that takes care of everything, from drafting the idea, to the final execution of the idea. This requires a lot of resources, coordination, an experience, so it’s always important to find professionals to do this. This is why corporate event organizers are so important, and it will get only more important, as the global economy develops.

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So what really matters here, is to make customers choose the right corporate event. As a corporate event organizer, you know your corporate event’s specialty, as well as the target group, so you know who to advertise to. But there are so many corporate events available nowadays, how do you choose the right one? Maybe you are a great corporate event organizer, and you are able to offer people with some great activities. But how to let the world know about your corporate event, and to distinguish yourself among all the other corporate event organizers? That is something that requires some effort. And here at French Riviera Parties, that´s exactly what we are going to help you with. Get your corporate event on our corporate events list, so that the world could enjoy your great corporate event!

How to promote your Corporate Event Business with French Riviera Parties?

French Riviera Parties offers a wide range of connections to business partners around the world, therefore we are always interested in promoting corporate events on our platform. We can generate different versions of corporate events list for you, depending on how much you are willing to invest.


In total we offer 3 different packages for our fellow corporate event organizers.


1) Free silver Marketing Package:

For the Silver Marketing Package, we offer you a promotion for free. You will get a free business page, which contains your website, email, and also phone number. It also contains a Unlimited listing submissions, which describes events that you´ve took part in, as well as your previous experiences as a corporate event organizers.

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2) Gold Marketing Package:

For the Gold Marketing Package, you only need to pay 120 euros. But still, you will get almost the same offers as the Platinum Marketing Package. The only difference is that instead of a verify badge, you get unlimited listing submissions. With that, it´s almost guaranteed that your artworks will show up in the eyes of some passionate customers!


3) Platinum Marketing Package: 

For the Platinum Marketing Package, it requires a fee of 199 euros. But it´s definitely worth it, because it would take your promotion to a new level! Under this package, you will get more than simply a business page, but also social networks, post videos of your events, create your own photo gallery, and also a verify badge which gives you the valuable official reorganization that every corporate event organizer needs!


How to add your Corporate Events List on French Riviera Parties?

It’s simple to create your corporate events list with us, just click on the picture below! Go to our website to create you profile page, and click on the button “Add a listing”. Then click on the category “Event”, and you will see our three packages. Click on the package that you wish to subscribe to, fill in all the required information. After that, you’ll be accessible by all of our cooperation partners!



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