French Riviera Parties

May 05
12 Best Nice Nightlife to Do

Does Nice have good nightlife? Nice – a hotspot for tourists from all around the world, famous for its beautiful city, stunning weather and gorgeous coastline. While the various museums and galleries keep you busy during the day, the buzzing nightlife is not to be overlooked, where dozens of bars keep everyone entertained until the […]

Feb 18
Cannes Lions Festival France

Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity. What is Cannes Lions Festival? Since starting in 1954 the Festival has become a global destination bringing many Creatives to the Cote d’Azur over the years. This year is going to be no different; with the backdrop of the beautiful city of Cannes and the Mediterranean sea it […]

Feb 18
Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours

  Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours is specializing in Fun Activities, Tours and Parties in Nice and the French Riviera. We share our Passions for our amazing côte d’azur and travel. We provide exciting way to experience the best of the Riviera, offering a great mix of exclusive Tours, Fun day trips and memorable parties. […]

Jan 26
Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix: This years 79th Edition of the Monaco Grand Prix will begin on May 26th with the Formula 1 Grand Prix race happening on Sunday. It is not only the most glamourous race on the Formula 1 calendar but also the oldest, the race was first held back in 1929 and its iconic […]

Mar 31
Bars List Around The World

What is a Bar? When you are thinking of having a chilled and fun night out, where would you usually go? For most people, they would simply pick a nice bar, and just go there. Ever since human invented liquor thousands of years ago, we also realized the joy of drinking together. This is also […]

Mar 24
Wedding Planner Monaco

Why hiring a wedding planner in Monaco? Monaco is all about chic and glamour. It’s a perfect wedding place for any couple who wants to experience real extravagance. Hiring a wedding planner will make it that much easier. Having a wedding planner who gets all the elements together is a relief. Monaco is a glamorous place, but as any other wedding destination in French Riviera it has its […]

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