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Ways to Promote an Event for Free

Why its Important to Promote your Event

Marketing is the corner stone of hosting any successful event. Without efficiently promoting your event, you can’t expect to reach your full potential. After all, how can you expect people to turn up to an event that they know nothing about?! But in saying that, we understand that finding ways to promote an event for free is easier said than done. But we’re here to offer you our two cents and help you in your quest to host an unforgettable night!


Ways to Promote an Event for Free:

French Riviera Parties

ways to promote an event for free

At French Riviera Parties, we’ve put together a platform that is designed specifically for individuals to advertise their services and events. You can choose from any of our three bundle offerings. For under 200€, select our Platinum or Gold bundles options. Or of course, select our Free Silver bundle which offers just as many amazing benefits!


Set up your page, along with images, videos, events summaries, links to your media channels and many more features. Once your account has been uploaded, it will be there for the whole world to see! Once someone searches for certain criteria which applies to your niche, your events page will be right there for clients to check out.


From there, just sit back and watch your booking requests soar through the roof! And all with just a quick few clicks of a button.

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Social Media

Social media is possibly your largest marketing channel. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have millions of users. In fact, Facebook in particular has an estimated 1.69 billion users as of 2020. While Instagram has about 1 billion users and Twitter has 330 million.


Making use of social media is probably one of the best ways to promote an event for free. For starters, anyone can have an account. Secondly, it’s the most likely to reach a larger audience. Share and post about your event as often as possible. Upload stories and teaser trailers for what clients should expect. Offer fun interactive competitions and most importantly, USE HASHTAGS!


Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another great way to promote an event for free. When hosting events, we sure to request client emails as part of registration. Keep a record of these email addresses and add them as recipients of your newsletters. Let them know about great promotional offers and what’s been going on with your enterprise recently.


Most importantly, keep these individuals up to date with any future event you intend to host. After all, if they were interested enough to subscribe to one of your events before, then chances are they’ll be interested again.


Ticket Sales & Giveaways

ways to promote an event for free
Source: Twenty20 – @alinabuzunova

A great promotional incentive is the use of ticket sales and giveaways. Nothing entices individuals more than a great bargain. Offer ticket bundle discounts such as Early Bird Special, Group Tickets and Student discounts to attract potential clients.

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Or better still, consider hosting giveaways on your social media platforms. Encourage followers to like and share your event to be in with the chance to win free tickets and prizes. Not only does this tempt guests to interact with your page, its also free promotion!! By sharing about your event, it will now reach people it might not necessarily have reached before, and thereby get you more exposure.


And all without lifting a finger!



Collaborating with other accounts is another of many ways to promote an event for free. Admittedly, some pages may only be willing to collaborate for a fixed fee. However, just as many accounts will be up for collaborating for free as its an opportunity for them to also get more exposure and followers.


For more Information:

As you can imagine, there’s still hundreds of other ways to promote an event for free that we haven’t discussed. If you’re interested in finding out more or think you have something to add, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via our email:


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